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Double Screw Juice Squeezer Machine 10TPH
Double Screw Juice Squeezer Machine 10TPH

Introduction of double Screw Juice Juicer Machine:

This Commercial double-screw juicer machine is designed for squeezing juice from fermented grape skin and other fruits with high fiber content.
The interlocking double screw inwards with a very small gap so it can thoroughly extract all the juicer, nutrients, and enzymes from the materials you feed into the machine.​
The rotate speed of double-screw is very slow – but thorough – and make that this machine can produce no heat and prevent oxidation in fruit juice.
It is also extremely flexible and able to extract juice from almost every type of fruit and vegetable -including hard,fibrous veggies.

Characteristic of Twin-Screw Juice Squeezer Machine:

1.Low rotate speed of double screw results in high juice yield.
2.The pressure of materials processing is adjustable based on end-products.
3.All parts and frames contacting with raw materials are food grade 304 stainless steel.

Specification of standard Twin-Screw Juice Squeezer Machine:





Production Capacity

1.5 t/h

5 t/h

10 t/h

Motor Power

4 kw

7.5 kw

11 kw


650 kg

2500 kg

2950 kg

Extrusion Pressure

Manual Adjustment

Hydraulic Adjust

Hydraulic Adjust

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