Xinxiang Lingxian Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd locates at the North Industrial Zone, Xinxiang, Henan Province. Our machine is not only popular in our domestic market, but also performs well in Southeast Asia, India, Southern Africa and so on. Our company is focused on research and development of wine production equipment and southern tropical and subtropical fruits equipment. We have a large number of professional technical personnel. With continuous practice and improvement, we have manufactured more advanced and practical equipment. Our main products: Grapes Pre-treatment Equipment, Grape Vibrating Selector, Grapes Destemmer; Grape Selecting Line, Grape Destemmer and Crusher and so on. In 2007, we established tropical and subtropical fruits researching center, specialized in some special fruits equipment like Citrus, Pomegranate, Lychee and Pineapple. Now we have acquired many national patent certificates (like citrus peeling and juicing machine, Lychee peeling machine and fruit juice refining machine) and passed on ISO9001 product quality attestation.” Quality makes Brand, Technology promotes Leading” this is our pursuit forever.

长期供应: 葡萄除梗破碎机、双螺旋压榨机、框栏式压榨机、葡萄粒选设备、振动筛选机、荔枝(龙眼)剥皮机、香蕉剥皮打浆机、荔枝去核打浆机、柑橘(脐橙)剥皮榨汁机、芒果加工设备、菠萝剥皮榨汁机、石榴剥皮机、硅藻土过滤机、板框式过滤机、果汁精致机、鼠笼式破碎机、果蔬汁加工设备、灌装设备
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